Downloadable Games versus Flash Games?

Flash games are becoming very popular now. HTML5 style games are hitting the World Wide Web with flash technology built into the code. This means that you can play high end and high graphic intensity games without having to download.
The main disadvantage to playing downloadable games is that you need a lot of hard disk space. For some of us that play mainly on a PCs, this is not a problem because hard drives on PCs generally have mass storage. However, not all of us play games on PCs because we are always on the move.

Flash games are games that can be played directly from a web browser. Many of the online real money gaming sites operate flash websites today, and in fact they were among the very first online gaming sites to start to use flash technology.

One of the main problems with flash technology is that it is not compatible with all browsers. As a result, a browser will need a plug in to run flash games This was not great for anyone with an iOS device because Apple technology did not seem to include the ability to use flash technology.

HTML5 Code Solves the Problem with Flash

With the new HTML5 code now available, gamers can log on to a PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop and go directly to their web browser to play games.

Now in the past this was very difficult to do. Flash was needed to handle high intensity graphics and moving animations. HTML5 solves this problem by having a built-in code that operates with Java Script. These codes combined give the browser the ability to handle and process high end code that allows us to play games.

The code also utilises the memory and processing speed of the device it is being run on. Just like a game that has been downloaded to your PC, the files needed to operate the game will use the PC or any other device’s hardware to make sure the game runs smoothly.

Now HTML5 accesses code on a localised server to send commands to your device to take full advantage of the device’s hardware without taking up any hard disk space.

HTML5 Gaming Code is Adaptive

One of the beauties of HTML5 code is how it can adapt to different devices. In this day and age game designers know that they need to ensure that if they want their game to be popular, most of the time it needs to be coded to use several different device types, brands, and operating systems.

New games that come out come with high end versions all the way down to scaled down versions of the game. What this means is that if you connect to a game from a PC, you are going to get the full version with high intensity graphics.

On the other hand, connecting from mobile device will mean some adjustments will be made to the code so the game will work at optimal performance on a smaller screen with a smaller processor.

How does HTML5 Strip the Code Down?

Adaptive technology can strip down the code just by knowing what type of device is being connected to. All devices and operating systems need to let the server know what type of device it is before a connection is made.

For instance, if I want to look at analytics on this website for my blog, I can log on to my analytics software, and look at not just the traffic and where it comes from, but my analytics software will also tell me which types of devices are connecting to the website. This is because the device flags itself and so does the operating system.

HTML5 code detects these flagged signals from the device and then selects the correct code that is compatible with the device’s screen size, hardware, and processor speed.

On top of this, HTML5 can detect slower internet connections. This enables it to send less graphic intensive code the browser for processing. What you will get is just a less colourful version of the game, and the graphics will not be as sharp as a device with better hard peripherals.

Is HTML5 the Future of Online Gaming?

It is certainly a possibility. HTML5 is a relatively new technology. The online casinos have master it already, but that is because their games do not need as much processing power as let’s say a game like Dota. Even though you need to download Dota, can you imagine if this game one days becomes reliant on web browsers.

At the moment, games like Dota are way to complex to utilise HTML5 code professionally. That does not mean to say that in the future these games will not be moved to HTML5 because as with any technology, HTML5 will evolve. You can already play many graphic intense games on iOS and Android as well as Windows Mobile device – who is to say that all games in the future will be available as a choice for a download or a choice to play via your browser.

With an era of a click, life has gone busy and difficult. Now we do not see people sitting in front of the TV and watching a program. Now what they do is record it, just check the highlights or they just live stream whenever they get time on their mobile or computer. The Internet is like an addiction and is the greatest discovery of all times because people now can’t imagine a day without internet. People are so consumed with their work that they can hardly take out extra time to watch television. Thus the live streaming sites have been really helpful for them. Here are 5 sites that one can turn to watch live matches online and free of cost.
It is one of the most popular sites for live streaming which stream all sport events for you live. It gives you a list of sports matches, you can check out the sports name, team details and the time when it is going to air. It is just a click away, you get live sports and you can enjoy it for free and that too in HD. The good thing about it is one can live stream it in multiple mirrors and if one mirror is not available then you can switch to another instantly. When it comes to the shortcomings, it is that it has a number of add pop-ups which are annoying so one cannot focus on the game.

This is number one site for the live streaming as it provides free live streaming of every sport like motorsports, football, hockey etc. One can just login and check all the live matches at the home page. One can always select the time to which they want to see the matches and the homepage. It gives you a set of live streaming sports that you are spoiled for choice. All you got to do is click on what you want to watch that too without spending a single money. Besides that they provide the facility to chat live with people with the same interests. You can discuss with people about the current match.

VIP League
This is also one of the best website for live streaming which means that you can watch your desired sports live and in your desired language. It allows the user to keep a close look on the upcoming matches so that they can be present when the time is near. It also have a great way to change the whole system which means the user interface is well organized and the user can watch the sports that he/she wants to play. This is a great site but for some reason it is blocked in some countries from Asia like India yet one can access the sites via VPN which will help the customer to grow.

Hotstar Sports
It is owned by one of the Indian company called the Star India. If you are a fan of cricket and hockey then this is the best place. You can see the live sports online and you can use it without any cost also no sign-ups are needed. It follows the latest user interface. One should look into the set of free content which is popular in the country. It helps you to browse through the other channels besides sports. Hotstar is also used to watch movies or any TV series that are popular in the Asian countries.

You can look at various sports live streaming. You can also select time zone so that you can watch the sports when it is aired. One can find lots of popular sports that are there is a live streaming site. One who loves sports can look around various sports can now watch the updates live for free. Bosscast allows to stream channels like AXN, BBC etc.
So there are much more live streaming websites and it helps in creating an era where watching TV is not important and what is important is to have an internet connection and to know how to access the best sites ever. One can just web search the favourite show or sports or movie everything is available on the internet. The best website that is there for live sports streaming is the one which shows your favourite match online that too with the preferred time zone and preferred setting. A tip is to bookmark the pages that show the live streaming so that you do not miss any other details from your favourite website about your favourite match. Thus you can say that the technological advancement is so great that now you can state that everything is just a click away. The online websites give you the liberty to watch your game anywhere where internet is available.

Instead of discouraging children, you can just shift their attention to the world of Social Media Games. Do not leave your child to their own devices. Take an interest in what they are doing and sit with them in front of the computer and start your first step in sourcing out free Social Media Games appropriate for the age group. As you start exploring, you will get to understand that many games are extremely interactive and will help with your child’s development.

Before you download the games, you can judge the content of the Social Media Games If you feel that they are too violent, then you can always choose from hundreds of other games available. You can always choose games which will increase the mental agility of the child. Some good examples are language games and mathematical games. There is plenty of creativity which goes into making online games. It is a fun way to gather knowledge in an informal way outside the formal education premise.

Many free online games are known to develop good decision-making skills in a child. You will find that these games will divert the child’s attention from the vices on the Internet. Online games have a quotient of excitement and thrill. You cannot deny that an online game is a distraction /diversion from the daily grind of things even for children.

Some games have action sequences but have a storyline. As the story unfolds, you will find that the action is necessary for the plot. This tests the mental agility and response of an individual. It also helps in quick decision processes. You will love the graphics, and these can be used as training tools to test the thinking process of the player.

Video games are almost a thing of the past with the introduction of online games. You will love the variety of online games on offer. Popular types include puzzle games, adventure games, action games and role-playing games. Many are specifically made with children in mind cutting out the violence. Even as a parent, you will be drawn in as you indulge in a complicated game which needs thinking, plotting, calculating and diplomacy. The virtual world has brought people from all quarters closer. You children can participate with their friends and even strangers in a multiplayer game. Another benefit of praying social media games includes

* The playfulness element: The merriment ingredient is the grand reason that draws the good domain addicted onto their computer systems with online games. With so many games ready online, one can select the ones that one determines more interesting to play. What Is More, there are forever hotter games that one can try to add to the fun.
* simpleness: The simplicity of these games draws them favorite amongst people of all ages. individuals who love gaming can understand such didactics due to the easiness and ease.
* Storyboard Arouses Occupy: Many online games are prepared on the fundament of a story. Saying these tales help in linking with the game even better. Not only do these storyboards add to the pursuit, but also makes the musician vigorous as the new position falls up with every stride.
* Affecting Use of Mind: Gainsays is so one of those specific elements which let a thespian be back to the game again. Puzzles, racing are amongst the extremely bet Social Media Games which help the actor make employment of his rational content.

Numerous other concerning Grounds push the gamers to play free games online. Go ahead and bask some games to refresh you!

As every few months pass by, it seems that mobile technology has advanced a little further each time. When you look back at the first mobile games like snake on the Nokia and then compare it to today’s efforts, you’ll see just how advanced mobile technology is getting. So what are the games available on mobile devices with the best graphics? Well, we think that the following six are definitely up there with the very best. 

  1. Call of Duty: Strike Team

Any gamer among you will have played or at least heard of the Call of Duty franchise that has released many games on the PC and consoles over the years. It would not be like them to not try and get involved with the blossoming mobile gaming niche, however, and this is the best work that they have done so far. 

The graphics on this edition of Call of Duty are of a very high standard and the action is what you’d expect from this franchise. The game is played on a smaller scale to the original games but this has to be expected considering it’s a mobile game. 

  1. World of Tanks Blitz

If you have ever played World of Tanks on the PC, you’ll be thrilled to know that World of Tanks Blitz, which is a smaller version of the game, is available to be played across Android, iOS and Windows 10. Graphically, the game is excellent when you consider the devices that it is played on and the capabilities that they have. Of course, it does not look quite as crisp as the full PC game that requires a good independent graphics card to play it, but it still looks fantastic. 

On the Blitz version, instead of having two teams of 15 tanks competing against each other, you have 7 tanks instead. Every player is in control of their own tank on the battlefield and has to work as part of the team to win the battle against the other team. Players have a choice of using light tanks, medium tanks, heavy tanks and tank destroyers, and have to form a good strategy through teamwork.   

  1. Rival Knights

Rival Knights is another mobile game that has excellent graphics. It’s completely different to most games on this list as it involves you taking on the role of a Knight that takes part in jousting competitions. Essentially, every time you win, you’re able to improve your Knights skills and his equipment but you’ll also come up against better quality opposition as well. 

You’ll be amazed at the graphics that the game has, especially when you actually do the jousts. Everything seems to be in full HD graphics and all the movements and animations are perfectly smooth. If racing and shooting is not your thing, you should definitely give Rival Knights a run-out.   

  1. Modern Combat 5: Blackout

Graphically excellent, Modern Combat 5 is without a doubt one of the best mobile games available to play. People were originally not convinced that FPS (first-person shooter) games would ever be able to make the transition over to mobile devices, yet Modern Combat throughout its many releases has proved that it can be done.  

Those concerns centered on a few things, the graphic levels required and the lower processing power that mobile devices have to power them. Additionally, concerns arose about whether developers could come up with effective control methods compared to those that are available on consoles and computers. As Modern Combat 5 has proved, however, each of these concerns was unfounded. We can certainly expect much more high-quality FPS games to come in the future.  

  1. Dead Trigger 2

Developed by Madfinger Games, Dead Trigger 2 is another FPS game that is leading the way in terms of graphics on mobile games. The theme of the game is different to that of Modern Combat 5, in that you’re tasked with fighting off armies of zombies that are spreading across the world due to a virus.  

As for the control mode on this game, you have the option of allowing the computer to shoot automatically or you can do everything manually if you feel confident enough. You have to be quick though as there are many types of zombies that each their own strengths and weaknesses. Some will be slow and powerful; others will be fast and annoying and you’ll also come against bosses as well. All in all, Dead Trigger 2 is a fun and addictive mobile game that will more than fill up your time when needed. 

  1. Asphalt 8:Airbourne 

Racing game lovers will be in awe at the graphics that are on display in Asphalt 8, a game that has taken mobile racing to a whole new level. Offering tons of cars, game-mode and other content, Asphalt is easily the best mobile racing game around at the moment. Developed by Gameloft, who’re also the guys behind Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8 uses some innovative controlling methods that include tilting the screen and using buttons on the screen for brakes. 

When you actually get into the racing, you’ll see that it’s fast, furious and quite brutal most of the time. Races can contain up to 8 players that can not only race each other but can also knock out their opponents by boosting into them. Asphalt is a seriously fun racing game that just has to be tried on your mobile device. 

As you can see from the above mobile games, the graphics are absolutely outstanding and the best part is, graphics on mobile devices are only going to improve further in the future. You can just imagine what the games and their graphics could be like in a further ten years time! It’s an exciting time to be a gamer right now with the choice and quality that is all around us. 


It may seem like the Nokia N-Gage hand held games console has been lost in the wind, but there are still n-gage game players out there rattling out their own Java based built games as well as plenty of people out there that still play on their n-gage devices.

What is the Nokia N-Gage?

First, it is important to understand what exactly the Nokia N-Gage is for those of you still not aware of its existence. As smartphones started to hit the world’s technology industry Nokia knew that this was a huge chance to release something different within their product line; namely, a smartphone that is also a combined gaming console.

Obviously, the competition in the hand-held gaming console market was already rife. It would mean Nokia would have to take on new competitors outside of the mobile phone industry. Nintendo, specializing in just games consoles as well as Sega would become competitors.

Sony would also become a competitor of Nokia on two fronts with Sony entering both the smartphone and industry and already very active within the gaming console and hand-held console marketplace.

Here is a video example of someone in action:

 Back when the N-Gage came into the market in 2002 gaming graphics were still quite basic, but don’t be fooled as this device was state of the art at its time. Using Java coding the N-Gage has as good a chance of breaking into the hand-held games console market as Sony did when they decided to take on Nintendo in the games console market.

Where can I buy a Nokia N-Gage?

There are still several places you can buy refurbished Nokia N-Gage mini game consoles. Here we have provided a link back to the search results from the Lazada in Thailand. N-Gage page on Lazada. As you can see Refurbished Nokia N-Gage are still popular and can be picked up for decent price.

Of course, other sites such as e-bay and Amazon will also have the Nokia N-Gage available. Mostly these will be refurbished models.

What Games Can Be Played On the N-Gage?

The N-Gage came out with several games that were very popular hits amongst the N-Gage fan base. We have listed just a few of those games here:

  • Mile High Pinball

Everyone, or nearly everyone, loves to play pin-ball. With some neat Java coding and the introduction of color screens to mobile devices back when the N-Gage was released, this game was smooth and state-of-the art for its time.

  • Block Breaker Deluxe

Set in the town of Palm Ocean you must conjure up a million-dollar entrance fee to enter a Block breaker competition. With $100 to your name you need to get into the game halls around the town and challenge a diverse range of characters to make some money. It is amazing what can motivate some people! Amongst fierce competition you will be battling other black breaker pros. This game was extremely popular on the Nokia N-gage.

  • Pro Series Golf

Competitive golfing on some tough courses is what Pro Series Golf is all about. Learn to drive, pitch and put in what at the time was one of the most realistic golfing games on a hand-held device. Hours of fun and some celebration to be had when you hit a hole in one on a par 3!!!

  • World Series of Poker Pro Challenge

Another amazing simulation game aimed at what was at the time the up and coming popularity of poker as well as the massive influx of online poker players.

Some of the top names in the game at the time are included in this game including Chris Ferguson, Shannon Elizabeth, Scotty Nguyen, Johnny Chan and more. Pitch your card shark skills against the best in the world in high stakes tournaments. Build up a reputation and bank roll and have the chance to win and collect WSOP bracelets along the way.

  • Star Wars the Force Unleashed

This game has been set in the era that takes place just after Star Wars 3. This game has a twist because you are not playing for the good side and instead you are on the dark side of the force as Darth Vader’s apprentice.

As an apprentice, you will be training to become a Jedi destroyer helping to make the Jedi race extinct. One of the main reasons this game become so popular is the fact that it goes against the norm being on the dark side of the force and it is literally full of combat action as you progress.

  • Worms World Party

This is an amazing game and became extremely popular. If you want to play this game on the move, then we suggest getting a Nokia N-Gage just for this game. It is one of our most highly rated games ever.

You can either play single player matches versus the N-Gage, complete missions in single gaming mode or play multi-player worms by linking to other N-Gage hand-held devices via the arena service. The multi-player version was what really made this game kick off and become so popular.

You have 5 worms and up to 5 other players can join in. You all have turns moving and selecting battle moves. You can use bazookas, homing missiles, mines, grenades and numerous other types of weapons to strategically remove your opponents’ worms from the game.

In the end, it is the last worm standing that wins the day! It is also extremely humorous with some funny unit speech and some great death rolls when the worms die – a must try game!

  • FIFA 2008

No hand-held would be complete without a soccer match based game. FIFA games have always been the most popular and Nokia soon adapted their hand-held devices to cater for the most popular football game around.

Silverware is goal as with most sports and you need to steer your team glory to get your hands on it. You play the club challenge to aim for top place at the end of the season. You need to select the best team possible using the player stats to ensure you are strategically pitching a team against your opponent so you win.

Another amazing example of just how far the Nokia N-Gage device came during its prime as a hand-held gaming console.

  • Vegas Casino Cruise

For those that love their casino games, then here is a game with something special added. Most of us also love the idea of a Caribbean cruise, so what about a game where you can escape reality and cruise to riches on a cruise ship casino floor.

Here is a Vegas based casino cruise ship where you can get into the action on one of many popular casino games. Play Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker games, Baccarat and more on a 240×300 plus sized screen. If you miss playing these types of casino games on the N-Gage, then you can still play them by buying an N-Gage and downloading this game soon to be available on

  • Café Solitaire

Moving through the card games available on the N-Gage as per Vegas Casino Cruise, you can also play Solitaire. Players with the Nokia hand-held can connect and even play Solitaire versus each other using the arena service by Nokia. Or you can have a peaceful game on your own playing single-player Solitaire.

  • Resident Evil

One of the most advanced games designed for the N-Gage was the 3D game play of Resident Evil making it extremely popular – in fact it was a massive hit for Nokia gamers.

Based on the movie itself, this is one game that is very close to Resident Evil 4 seen on the PS2 and Wii devices. It is the effort, graphics, sounds and animations that went into this game that made it one of Nokia’s pride and joys coming from the 2.0 games era.

Players roam the sequential events depicted in levels played as a 3rd persons shooter. The aim of the game of course is to kill Zombies!!!

Phones that Can Use N-Gage Gaming

Nokia created quite a few phones that make use of the Nokia N-Gage gaming suite. So as we end the gaming review, we would like to reassure you that we will be back with more gaming reviews and places you can buy an N-Gage device. For now, let’s get acquainted with some of the device available.

  • 6720 Classic
  • 5320 Xpress Music
  • 5730 Xpress Music
  • 5630 Xpress Music
  • 6210 Navigator
  • N7* Series
  • N8* Series
  • N9* Series
  • E5* Series
  • E75

There is a much longer list than this, but these are the 5 most popular. We are also sorry we do not have images – it is because we respect other people’s images and have none of our own of these particular devices. However, if you search any of the online stores suggested above such as Lazada and Ebay, you will find them there.

Happy Hunting!


LOL Gaming

Buying League of Legends boost involves paying to get your performance improved in League of Legends ranked games. The username and password has to be provided and a third party plays on the account. The third party is actually, usually a diamond league player, which guarantees that the account is boosted speedily and with quality in the required time of the order.

Along with having the player play and win their promotion games, a user generally also has one of two options that they can choose. Selecting the first option guarantees that their account will get promoted to a higher division or league. Alternately, a specific amount of wins can be purchased, although promotion is not guaranteed in this case.


In most cases, there tends to be an application running that is programmed to ensure the security of every account that is shared for boosting. As a result, a user’s private details are not provided to or shared with the player who is carrying out the boosting. Access to the original user’s IP and RP is also blocked by the same application.

Champion Or Role

The champion and role that the player uses for boosting the account is ultimately decided by the original user. Although this can vary, the games that the player performs for boosting can also be viewed. An administrator or the player who is playing can also be contacted outside of the game, usually via support chat.


A fixed duration is never really provided as far as how long it would take for a League of Legends account to be boosted, because it is simply not possible. Different factors have an impact on how much time it may ultimately take. For instance, how many orders have been received, how many players are available and the size of the particular order. Sometimes it takes no more than 24 hours, other times it may even take a few days or so.

Fortunately, there is never a restriction on the original user playing on their account. All they have to do is make sure that the player who is supposed to be boosting their account is not playing on it at that moment. Once this has been checked, usually there is an option to pause the order and then play. All game modes can also be played with the exception of those ranked duo/solo 5v5.

However, an original user cannot play duo with the player who is boosting their account as this can/could have an impact on the quality and speed of the boosting. Nonetheless, duo queue service is often offered, which can be availed.


Ultimately paying for a League of Legends boost is the best and most ideal way to get an account promoted to a higher division or league. This has a lot to do with the features that are offered, and the fact that the best and highest rated, diamond league players are the ones who play and boost the accounts. The addition of great customer service makes it all even better and users have nothing to worry about nor do they have to struggle with leveling up.

One of the best ways to get ahead in League of Legends is to use a boosting company to improve your score. If you are used to playing online games, then you will know that boosting is something that is offered in a lot of games where you gain points for great play.

League of Legends has some stiff competition when it comes to people buying boosts. One of the sites we mentioned in our first post was the ultimate elo boost site where they offer some great boosting packages. You can find them on a Google search ranking on both AdWords and in the organic searches. This is pretty much why we recommend them, because they are very well trusted by Google!

More about Boosting

So what is boosting exactly in the game of League of Legends. It is basically a way to gain points so your can then improve your own self at the game. Once you are up and running with a decent tallied up score, you can then start to approach some of the better players in the game and play alongside them.

It’s like any game or sport you play – well in theory anyway. That theory is the better the people you play against, the better you will become. That theory certainly counts for those that are committed, passionate and most importantly of all competitive.

If you are an online games and you are reading this blog, then there is no doubt that you are a competitive person or why else would you be playing LOL. After all, League of Legends is a competitive game and fighting in teams to bring up your score and become a dominate figure on the game could lead you to fame and glory.

Fame and Glory with LOL

The best of the best players get to go and play on the big screen. These players not only get paid to play the game, they also get sponsored. What a job!

Our job is to blog and bring excitement to the world of online gaming, but we would sooner swap our jobs to become a pro player paid to play League of Legends. The pros even have their own fan base!

Getting Ahead

So going back slightly. If you want to get ahead in League of Legends, then signing up for a boosting account will surely help you move along in the game quicker.

Who is boosting for?

For those that are tired of bad team mates letting them down. For those that keep going one step forward and then one step backwards. It may be fair to say that you should get through the games and get points with bad team mates in order to prove yourself. However, for most, it is not a case of them being a bad player – it is also not a case of being a bad team player.

In fact there are many that would be great assets to a good team, but their points total does not prove that. This means that these players are often overlooked. That is pretty much not fair in many respects – and so the boosting options may be the only way to get recognized and push on in what is one of the world’s best and most strategic games.

How much does it cost?

Prices vary – the main thing is that you do not want to go for a company that sells boosts too cheap because they often do not offer any type of guarantee.

In general you are looking at around $20 to $30 for a decent boosting program that will get you the point you need to move on and get in with the big guns and prove your worth.

If you have any questions, please feel free to tap us up on Social Media!

For those who love to play online games, this something interesting and more than just fun. League of 9984748cee0e592c1992a8ccbc18e42eLegends is the best game ever made by Riot Games, and it’s dedicated to both boys and girls, as it’s interactive, interesting and rich in new experiences.

However, you’ll need to know some things before getting to play League of Legends. Let’s see what these things are and how can they help you in becoming a real champion of this online game.

The Numbers

Developed a few years ago, it became very popular with the evolution of technology. New computers appears, with better performances, that allow now players from different parts of the world to get an easier access to the online environment and have better images from the game. Being an online game, it takes place in real time and it’s important to have perfect visualization of the field of battle.

With this evolution, in 2012 it has received the so called award for the most played computer game in Europe and North America, while in 2014 more than 67 millions of people played this game in only one month. More than this, there was a new apex reached for this game, as in only one day, there were 27 millions of players connected and actively playing the game. Come to think of it, it is quite a big success for an MOBA type of game.

The Game

Those who do choose to play this game are called summoners, and they can control only one character at a time, called champion. These characters – the champions – have special powers, and each of them are unique. When you join a team of players, your goal as a team is to destroy the base of the adversary, which is called a nexus.

Shyvana_IronscaleAs those who have already played this game know by now, each game is unique, because each game has different players, with different champions and different strategies for winning a battle. A good thing with this game is that everyone starts on almost the same level, meaning quite weak and once you start playing, you get to have gold and experience.

The Champions and the Items

There are different types of champions that you can choose from, and you can use an Assassin, a Fighter, a Mage, a Support, a Tank or a Marksman. Each of these has unique abilities, and there are more than 100 champions that you can choose from. With names like Akali, Corki, Ekko, Jax, Maokai or Shen, you’ll get to play and have different abilities. Some can use more spells at once, or block the next incoming basic attack, while others can detonate a bomb in 2 seconds for massive damage in an area around a victim.

Speaking of items, there are plenty to use, but you’ll have to have gold to actually buy one. The gold is won only by playing the game, and, as you advance in the battle, the gold will also increase in your champion’s pockets. This being said, you’ll be able to buy those items for improving the performance of your champion on the Fields of Justice. You can get anything from a faster movement, increased durability, improved damage or reduced ability cooldowns.

There are items for defence, covering health, magic resist, health regen and armor, items for attach, covering damage, critical strike, attack speed and life steal, items for magic, covering ability power, cooldown reduction, mana and mana regen, miscellaneous items covering movement and consumables, and map items, draven__league_of_legends___png_render_by_drengcap-d852gvacovering Summoner’s rift, The Twisted Treeline or the Howling Abyss.

In the end, you’ll be able to understand and love this game only if you play it once, and we promise you that if you get to do this, you’ll forever fall in love with it.