Downloadable Games versus Flash Games

Downloadable Games versus Flash Games?

Flash games are becoming very popular now. HTML5 style games are hitting the World Wide Web with flash technology built into the code. This means that you can play high end and high graphic intensity games without having to download.
The main disadvantage to playing downloadable games is that you need a lot of hard disk space. For some of us that play mainly on a PCs, this is not a problem because hard drives on PCs generally have mass storage. However, not all of us play games on PCs because we are always on the move.

Flash games are games that can be played directly from a web browser. Many of the online real money gaming sites operate flash websites today, and in fact they were among the very first online gaming sites to start to use flash technology.

One of the main problems with flash technology is that it is not compatible with all browsers. As a result, a browser will need a plug in to run flash games This was not great for anyone with an iOS device because Apple technology did not seem to include the ability to use flash technology.

HTML5 Code Solves the Problem with Flash

With the new HTML5 code now available, gamers can log on to a PC, smartphone, tablet, or laptop and go directly to their web browser to play games.

Now in the past this was very difficult to do. Flash was needed to handle high intensity graphics and moving animations. HTML5 solves this problem by having a built-in code that operates with Java Script. These codes combined give the browser the ability to handle and process high end code that allows us to play games.

The code also utilises the memory and processing speed of the device it is being run on. Just like a game that has been downloaded to your PC, the files needed to operate the game will use the PC or any other device’s hardware to make sure the game runs smoothly.

Now HTML5 accesses code on a localised server to send commands to your device to take full advantage of the device’s hardware without taking up any hard disk space.

HTML5 Gaming Code is Adaptive

One of the beauties of HTML5 code is how it can adapt to different devices. In this day and age game designers know that they need to ensure that if they want their game to be popular, most of the time it needs to be coded to use several different device types, brands, and operating systems.

New games that come out come with high end versions all the way down to scaled down versions of the game. What this means is that if you connect to a game from a PC, you are going to get the full version with high intensity graphics.

On the other hand, connecting from mobile device will mean some adjustments will be made to the code so the game will work at optimal performance on a smaller screen with a smaller processor.

How does HTML5 Strip the Code Down?

Adaptive technology can strip down the code just by knowing what type of device is being connected to. All devices and operating systems need to let the server know what type of device it is before a connection is made.

For instance, if I want to look at analytics on this website for my blog, I can log on to my analytics software, and look at not just the traffic and where it comes from, but my analytics software will also tell me which types of devices are connecting to the website. This is because the device flags itself and so does the operating system.

HTML5 code detects these flagged signals from the device and then selects the correct code that is compatible with the device’s screen size, hardware, and processor speed.

On top of this, HTML5 can detect slower internet connections. This enables it to send less graphic intensive code the browser for processing. What you will get is just a less colourful version of the game, and the graphics will not be as sharp as a device with better hard peripherals.

Is HTML5 the Future of Online Gaming?

It is certainly a possibility. HTML5 is a relatively new technology. The online casinos have master it already, but that is because their games do not need as much processing power as let’s say a game like Dota. Even though you need to download Dota, can you imagine if this game one days becomes reliant on web browsers.

At the moment, games like Dota are way to complex to utilise HTML5 code professionally. That does not mean to say that in the future these games will not be moved to HTML5 because as with any technology, HTML5 will evolve. You can already play many graphic intense games on iOS and Android as well as Windows Mobile device – who is to say that all games in the future will be available as a choice for a download or a choice to play via your browser.

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