Frequently Asked Questions When Paying For A League Of Legends

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Buying League of Legends boost involves paying to get your performance improved in League of Legends ranked games. The username and password has to be provided and a third party plays on the account. The third party is actually, usually a diamond league player, which guarantees that the account is boosted speedily and with quality in the required time of the order.

Along with having the player play and win their promotion games, a user generally also has one of two options that they can choose. Selecting the first option guarantees that their account will get promoted to a higher division or league. Alternately, a specific amount of wins can be purchased, although promotion is not guaranteed in this case.


In most cases, there tends to be an application running that is programmed to ensure the security of every account that is shared for boosting. As a result, a user’s private details are not provided to or shared with the player who is carrying out the boosting. Access to the original user’s IP and RP is also blocked by the same application.

Champion Or Role

The champion and role that the player uses for boosting the account is ultimately decided by the original user. Although this can vary, the games that the player performs for boosting can also be viewed. An administrator or the player who is playing can also be contacted outside of the game, usually via support chat.


A fixed duration is never really provided as far as how long it would take for a League of Legends account to be boosted, because it is simply not possible. Different factors have an impact on how much time it may ultimately take. For instance, how many orders have been received, how many players are available and the size of the particular order. Sometimes it takes no more than 24 hours, other times it may even take a few days or so.

Fortunately, there is never a restriction on the original user playing on their account. All they have to do is make sure that the player who is supposed to be boosting their account is not playing on it at that moment. Once this has been checked, usually there is an option to pause the order and then play. All game modes can also be played with the exception of those ranked duo/solo 5v5.

However, an original user cannot play duo with the player who is boosting their account as this can/could have an impact on the quality and speed of the boosting. Nonetheless, duo queue service is often offered, which can be availed.


Ultimately paying for a League of Legends boost is the best and most ideal way to get an account promoted to a higher division or league. This has a lot to do with the features that are offered, and the fact that the best and highest rated, diamond league players are the ones who play and boost the accounts. The addition of great customer service makes it all even better and users have nothing to worry about nor do they have to struggle with leveling up.

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