Nokia N-Gage Games for Gaming Lovers

It may seem like the Nokia N-Gage hand held games console has been lost in the wind, but there are still n-gage game players out there rattling out their own Java based built games as well as plenty of people out there that still play on their n-gage devices.

What is the Nokia N-Gage?

First, it is important to understand what exactly the Nokia N-Gage is for those of you still not aware of its existence. As smartphones started to hit the world’s technology industry Nokia knew that this was a huge chance to release something different within their product line; namely, a smartphone that is also a combined gaming console.

Obviously, the competition in the hand-held gaming console market was already rife. It would mean Nokia would have to take on new competitors outside of the mobile phone industry. Nintendo, specializing in just games consoles as well as Sega would become competitors.

Sony would also become a competitor of Nokia on two fronts with Sony entering both the smartphone and industry and already very active within the gaming console and hand-held console marketplace.

Here is a video example of someone in action:

 Back when the N-Gage came into the market in 2002 gaming graphics were still quite basic, but don’t be fooled as this device was state of the art at its time. Using Java coding the N-Gage has as good a chance of breaking into the hand-held games console market as Sony did when they decided to take on Nintendo in the games console market.

Where can I buy a Nokia N-Gage?

There are still several places you can buy refurbished Nokia N-Gage mini game consoles. Here we have provided a link back to the search results from the Lazada in Thailand. N-Gage page on Lazada. As you can see Refurbished Nokia N-Gage are still popular and can be picked up for decent price.

Of course, other sites such as e-bay and Amazon will also have the Nokia N-Gage available. Mostly these will be refurbished models.

What Games Can Be Played On the N-Gage?

The N-Gage came out with several games that were very popular hits amongst the N-Gage fan base. We have listed just a few of those games here:

  • Mile High Pinball

Everyone, or nearly everyone, loves to play pin-ball. With some neat Java coding and the introduction of color screens to mobile devices back when the N-Gage was released, this game was smooth and state-of-the art for its time.

  • Block Breaker Deluxe

Set in the town of Palm Ocean you must conjure up a million-dollar entrance fee to enter a Block breaker competition. With $100 to your name you need to get into the game halls around the town and challenge a diverse range of characters to make some money. It is amazing what can motivate some people! Amongst fierce competition you will be battling other black breaker pros. This game was extremely popular on the Nokia N-gage.

  • Pro Series Golf

Competitive golfing on some tough courses is what Pro Series Golf is all about. Learn to drive, pitch and put in what at the time was one of the most realistic golfing games on a hand-held device. Hours of fun and some celebration to be had when you hit a hole in one on a par 3!!!

  • World Series of Poker Pro Challenge

Another amazing simulation game aimed at what was at the time the up and coming popularity of poker as well as the massive influx of online poker players.

Some of the top names in the game at the time are included in this game including Chris Ferguson, Shannon Elizabeth, Scotty Nguyen, Johnny Chan and more. Pitch your card shark skills against the best in the world in high stakes tournaments. Build up a reputation and bank roll and have the chance to win and collect WSOP bracelets along the way.

  • Star Wars the Force Unleashed

This game has been set in the era that takes place just after Star Wars 3. This game has a twist because you are not playing for the good side and instead you are on the dark side of the force as Darth Vader’s apprentice.

As an apprentice, you will be training to become a Jedi destroyer helping to make the Jedi race extinct. One of the main reasons this game become so popular is the fact that it goes against the norm being on the dark side of the force and it is literally full of combat action as you progress.

  • Worms World Party

This is an amazing game and became extremely popular. If you want to play this game on the move, then we suggest getting a Nokia N-Gage just for this game. It is one of our most highly rated games ever.

You can either play single player matches versus the N-Gage, complete missions in single gaming mode or play multi-player worms by linking to other N-Gage hand-held devices via the arena service. The multi-player version was what really made this game kick off and become so popular.

You have 5 worms and up to 5 other players can join in. You all have turns moving and selecting battle moves. You can use bazookas, homing missiles, mines, grenades and numerous other types of weapons to strategically remove your opponents’ worms from the game.

In the end, it is the last worm standing that wins the day! It is also extremely humorous with some funny unit speech and some great death rolls when the worms die – a must try game!

  • FIFA 2008

No hand-held would be complete without a soccer match based game. FIFA games have always been the most popular and Nokia soon adapted their hand-held devices to cater for the most popular football game around.

Silverware is goal as with most sports and you need to steer your team glory to get your hands on it. You play the club challenge to aim for top place at the end of the season. You need to select the best team possible using the player stats to ensure you are strategically pitching a team against your opponent so you win.

Another amazing example of just how far the Nokia N-Gage device came during its prime as a hand-held gaming console.

  • Vegas Casino Cruise

For those that love their casino games, then here is a game with something special added. Most of us also love the idea of a Caribbean cruise, so what about a game where you can escape reality and cruise to riches on a cruise ship casino floor.

Here is a Vegas based casino cruise ship where you can get into the action on one of many popular casino games. Play Blackjack, Slots, Video Poker games, Baccarat and more on a 240×300 plus sized screen. If you miss playing these types of casino games on the N-Gage, then you can still play them by buying an N-Gage and downloading this game soon to be available on

  • Café Solitaire

Moving through the card games available on the N-Gage as per Vegas Casino Cruise, you can also play Solitaire. Players with the Nokia hand-held can connect and even play Solitaire versus each other using the arena service by Nokia. Or you can have a peaceful game on your own playing single-player Solitaire.

  • Resident Evil

One of the most advanced games designed for the N-Gage was the 3D game play of Resident Evil making it extremely popular – in fact it was a massive hit for Nokia gamers.

Based on the movie itself, this is one game that is very close to Resident Evil 4 seen on the PS2 and Wii devices. It is the effort, graphics, sounds and animations that went into this game that made it one of Nokia’s pride and joys coming from the 2.0 games era.

Players roam the sequential events depicted in levels played as a 3rd persons shooter. The aim of the game of course is to kill Zombies!!!

Phones that Can Use N-Gage Gaming

Nokia created quite a few phones that make use of the Nokia N-Gage gaming suite. So as we end the gaming review, we would like to reassure you that we will be back with more gaming reviews and places you can buy an N-Gage device. For now, let’s get acquainted with some of the device available.

  • 6720 Classic
  • 5320 Xpress Music
  • 5730 Xpress Music
  • 5630 Xpress Music
  • 6210 Navigator
  • N7* Series
  • N8* Series
  • N9* Series
  • E5* Series
  • E75

There is a much longer list than this, but these are the 5 most popular. We are also sorry we do not have images – it is because we respect other people’s images and have none of our own of these particular devices. However, if you search any of the online stores suggested above such as Lazada and Ebay, you will find them there.

Happy Hunting!


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