The Best MOBA Game – League of Legends

For those who love to play online games, this something interesting and more than just fun. League of 9984748cee0e592c1992a8ccbc18e42eLegends is the best game ever made by Riot Games, and it’s dedicated to both boys and girls, as it’s interactive, interesting and rich in new experiences.

However, you’ll need to know some things before getting to play League of Legends. Let’s see what these things are and how can they help you in becoming a real champion of this online game.

The Numbers

Developed a few years ago, it became very popular with the evolution of technology. New computers appears, with better performances, that allow now players from different parts of the world to get an easier access to the online environment and have better images from the game. Being an online game, it takes place in real time and it’s important to have perfect visualization of the field of battle.

With this evolution, in 2012 it has received the so called award for the most played computer game in Europe and North America, while in 2014 more than 67 millions of people played this game in only one month. More than this, there was a new apex reached for this game, as in only one day, there were 27 millions of players connected and actively playing the game. Come to think of it, it is quite a big success for an MOBA type of game.

The Game

Those who do choose to play this game are called summoners, and they can control only one character at a time, called champion. These characters – the champions – have special powers, and each of them are unique. When you join a team of players, your goal as a team is to destroy the base of the adversary, which is called a nexus.

Shyvana_IronscaleAs those who have already played this game know by now, each game is unique, because each game has different players, with different champions and different strategies for winning a battle. A good thing with this game is that everyone starts on almost the same level, meaning quite weak and once you start playing, you get to have gold and experience.

The Champions and the Items

There are different types of champions that you can choose from, and you can use an Assassin, a Fighter, a Mage, a Support, a Tank or a Marksman. Each of these has unique abilities, and there are more than 100 champions that you can choose from. With names like Akali, Corki, Ekko, Jax, Maokai or Shen, you’ll get to play and have different abilities. Some can use more spells at once, or block the next incoming basic attack, while others can detonate a bomb in 2 seconds for massive damage in an area around a victim.

Speaking of items, there are plenty to use, but you’ll have to have gold to actually buy one. The gold is won only by playing the game, and, as you advance in the battle, the gold will also increase in your champion’s pockets. This being said, you’ll be able to buy those items for improving the performance of your champion on the Fields of Justice. You can get anything from a faster movement, increased durability, improved damage or reduced ability cooldowns.

There are items for defence, covering health, magic resist, health regen and armor, items for attach, covering damage, critical strike, attack speed and life steal, items for magic, covering ability power, cooldown reduction, mana and mana regen, miscellaneous items covering movement and consumables, and map items, draven__league_of_legends___png_render_by_drengcap-d852gvacovering Summoner’s rift, The Twisted Treeline or the Howling Abyss.

In the end, you’ll be able to understand and love this game only if you play it once, and we promise you that if you get to do this, you’ll forever fall in love with it.

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