Everything that you must know before Online Tennis Betting

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Tennis is a sport that is increasingly becoming a popular sport for betting. Tennis betting has its worldwide fans because of the availability of tennis betting online facilities for players.


In order to know how to bet on tennis, it is first essential to understand the basics of Tennis betting.

About Tennis

Tennis is played on a rectangular court that is divided into two halves with a net. Each player on the two halves begins the game with’0’. If the same player wins the two times simultaneously, they will win the game, but if they lose the point, the score reduces to deuce.

Basic Tennis game rules

  • The winning player will get the scores in each chance as 15, 30 and 40 respectively. A fourth win can lead to winning the game.
  • To win a set in a game, a player must win six games by a margin of two or more games.
  • A pre-match coin toss determines which player will serve first.
  • A player can not hit the ball twice.
  • A player needs to hit the ball before it bounces for the second time.
  • A player can not touch the net with a racket or any body part.


Tips for betting

There are some tips for Tennis betting, which will improve your betting skills.

  • Understand players approach
  • Understand the dynamics
  • Keep a record of your betting
  • Bet only where there is a value
  • Follow profitable tipsters
  • Keep yourself updated

Major Tennis Events

A player must bet on various events of tennis. Different Tennis events offer different rewards to the bettor. It is beneficial for a bettor to know about significant tennis events

  • The Grand Slams
  • Australian Open
  • French open
  • Wimbledon
  • US Open
  • Tour Tennis
  • Men’s Tennis
  • Women’s Tennis
  • Davis Cup and Fed Cup
  • Olympic Tennis

Different types of Tennis betting

Before betting on tennis online, a player needs to know about different kinds of Tennis betting. And these are:

  • Outright Betting
  • Match Betting
  • Handicap Betting
  • Over Under Betting
  • In-Play Betting

Different Tennis Betting Strategies

In a game of tennis, it is crucial to bet on where there is a value. It doesn’t mean that a player should play longer odds for more significant returns; it means to find the right opportunities and apply correct strategies. Some essential Tennis betting strategies are:

  • Selecting the proper court surface
  • Head to head
  • Taking note of Form Guide
  • Looking at the Stats

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Everything that you must know before Online Tennis Betting

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